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Buddhism history

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The History of Buhddism


This is a picture of a very fancy temple

taken from www.studentspace.com.au



Buddhism started to go south and east and gradually just started to spread. As it traveled each country changed it a little. That is why there are so many types or sects of Buddhism. One of the sects is called Zen and it is practiced in temples also. Unlike Other sects of Buddhism it has a garden where the monks can easily meditate for hours on end. In Tibet some monks where yellow hats. The country Sri Lanka was converted into

Buddhism is practiced in a temple. The temple is decorated with statues of. Incense is burned so the sweet smell will fill the air to remind people of the sweet words of Buddha. I have personally asked a modern Buddhist why it is practiced in a temple. He told me “we practice our religion in a temple because it’s a place to get away from the rest of the world and concentrate on Buddha and my meditation.” I think that is a good reason for it to be practiced where it is.

A breif history


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