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Composting worms group

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Charlotte We are composting worms in science class


Kam:we would appreciate any donations of veggies and fruits, we ask for nothing citrus, broccoli, or onions.


Chris:My group and I will be coming around the 5/6 and, 7/8 wings after lunch for scrap food.


Adam:You will see the posters of the foods we would like, and what we would not like.


Charlotte:All food scraps will be another day for the worms to live.


Kam:Please no meats, or dairy products, the oils in the meats will cause a bad odor and the diary will go bad like milk.


Chris:Citrus fruits may attract fruit flies and (pause) actually i don't know what will happen


Adam:I do the acid in the citrus fruits may wipe out the worms fluids.


Charlotte:Oh no they dry up ?


Kam They won't dry up if peers keep the citrus foods out of the bin.


Chris: and also if they don't use it as a trash bin


Adam:The worms futures are in your hands.


Announcer for info-mercial:So for the worms sake please donate some food









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