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composting worms

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          Sec 1. Adam, Charlotte, Chris, Kam

We belive that the worms would eat more of bananas, apples, paper, oranges, and other fruits and veggies. We think that these foods would cause the worms to make richer soil. With richer soil, the worms are able to reproduce much more efficiently.

          Sec 2. Our group will be testing how much the  composting worms would double in  3 months. We will need magnifiying glass, soil, water, worms, a dark and moist area, and food for the worms.

"We recommend using only raw fruit and vegetable scraps. Stay away from meats, oils and dairy products, which are more complex materials than fruits and vegetables. Thus, they take longer to break down and can attract pests. Cooked foods are often oily or buttery, which can also attract pests. Also try to avoid orange rinds and other citrus fruits, which are too acidic, and can attract fruit flies. Try to use a variety of materials. We have found the more vegetable matter, the better the worm bin. Stay away from onions and broccoli which tend to have a strong odor."

                                                                                                                                                                    - (Worm composting basics by Fong and Hewitt)

 *From the 3rd day on to the 21st day the food will be mixed in a blender seperatly so different areas have different foods therefore resulting in information that will conclude the debate about what foods that the worms will much rather eat.

*!!!*The worm supplier only sent us 1,000 worms instead of 2,000 so there are only 310 worms left.


There will be a worm count weekly, by hand from day 6 onword.

****From day 6 onword we have divided the worms in half and put half on each side of the divider. Fruits will be fed into one side and same with the vegetables. This process will continue until further notice, or if there was an insufficient supply for either food group. 

HB:King Day Date Food Worms living  Week Day Notes
  1 2/1/2008 apples & bananas        620  Friday all worms 1 in. below top soil
  2 2/4/2008 apples & bananas    Monday 9 worms seem to be stuck in one spot but still wriggling
  3 2/5/2008  lettuce & carrots          310  Tuesday 17 worms seem to be stuck in one spot but still wriggling
  4 2/6/2008  apples & bananas    Wednesday  
  5 2/7/2008  bananas & carrots    Thursday  
  6 2/8/2008  bananas & carrots   155 per side  Friday  
  7 2/11/2008  apples & peppers    Monday  
  8 2/12/2008      Tuesday  
  9 2/13/2008      Wednesday  
  10 2/14/2008      Thursday  
  11 2/15/2008      Friday  
  12 2/18/2008      Monday  
  13 2/19/2008      Tuesday  
  14 2/20/2008      Wednesday  
  15 2/21/2008      Thursday  
  16 2/22/2008      Friday  
  17 2/25/2008      Monday  
  18 2/26/2008      Tuesday  
  19 2/27/2008      Wednesday  
  20 2/28/2008      Thursday  
  21 2/29/2008      Friday  

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