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Glider Redesign - Homebase Hensen

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When we tested our first gliders, we reailzed that we hadn't really made gliders at all, but we made things that fell slowly.  We decided that in order to get better data, we needed to change the focus of our challenge to designing a glider that flew the farthest distance.  Each group tried to designa  new glider and we tested for the same three variables. Our data is below.



In general, it appears that the the more mass an airplane has, the shorter the hang time.  There are several notible exceptions to this.  Our data is not entirely convincing.





Aspect Ratio


The data for aspect ratio is a little better than for mass becuase more of the data points are close to the line.  A high aspect ratio seems to produce a glider that flies the farthest.





Center of Gravity

 Our data for center of gravity is entirely unusable, because so many students measured it incorrectly. 




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Anonymous said

at 2:57 pm on Nov 20, 2007

where are the individual resrearch data from our h.b?

Anonymous said

at 9:22 pm on Dec 11, 2007

idk... but i do b leve that she had a sheet...

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