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Judaism Beliefs

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                                      What are the beliefs of birth and death?(Paris)
In the Jewish religion there are many different beliefs. For instance they have beliefs of birth and death.
There is a difference of beliefs of baby girls and baby boys. When a bay girl is born they undress her and hold her over candles. I believe this is to show the light is watching over her. When a bay boy is born they circumcise him. Some people think this is rude but it is the Jewish beliefs. Most parents give their children a necklace with David’s Star on it.
When someone dies it is a different story. When we die Jewish religion followers believe that only one body dies and the other goes up to live with Jesus. Also some other Jews believe that when they die there life is over. Also some people believe dieing is a good thing, some believe not. When someone dies they have a funeral for that person. Family and friends gather around the coffin, sometimes they, cry and talk.
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How Jewish people view God.(Hadera)



     The Jewish people believe in one God and that Jesus is the son of God.  They also believe that if you do something bad, it is called sinning or wrongdoing.  They believe that if you do something good, you will go to Heaven. Heaven is supposedly the “best” part of dying. They believe this because it is written that Heaven is a peaceful place and that you are completely free of sin and wrongdoing in Heaven.





One of their main beliefs is that God created the world and that we should live by his rules and standards. The standards are to be good and caring toward others and to treat others as you would like to be treated. If these rules are not followed, the Jewish people believe that you will go to Hell. Hell is supposedly unbearably hot and is ruled by the Devil who is bad and goes against all of God’s wishes.




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Judaism { ahvaz

Judaism is a great religion. Today let’s take a look at the beliefs about life and death in Judaism.


First thing is that Jewish people do not believe in Jesus Crist. Now, the place that Jews call that bad souls go to is called a dreary, black Shoel. Which basically means a bad place that bad people in there life with there souls go.


 Reincarnation has been a belief for Orthodox Jews for thousands of years. Also, Jews believe when you are reincarnated if you did good things in your life you will probably be moved up a level. For example: if you were the president and you stopped or won the war in Iraq. Then you will probably be moved up a level to a better president or something better.


The beginning of life is the first part of your life. I am going to tell you a couple of facts in this paragraph about what happens when you are born and you are either a Orthodox Jew or if you are Jewish.


Now, let’s take a look at what happens to you when you are at the beginning of your life.


When you are a baby. If you are a boy your foreskin gets cut off by this person called a Mohel. When this happens to you and you are Jewish that means that you are allowed to enter the Jewish Temple.



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