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The Wiccan Religion




Basic Facts on Wicca

By Bei-Jing6


                 Wicca is a fairly recent religion, popularized by a man named Gerald Gardener. He said, in 1954, that Wicca was a modern survivor of an old witchcraft religion, dating back hundreds of years and originating in the Pre-Christian Paganism of Europe. This can not be proven, however, since it is possible that Wicca was compiled in the 1920s. However, what we do know for sure about Wicca is that it is a secretive nature-based religion, with many traditions and roots.

                 Wicca is today a very popular religion for adult women, because they believe there is a balance between men and women. This is the reason why they worship both gods and goddesses. They also often refer to the earth as "Mother Earth", because it is the mother of all living things. Wiccans believe in a great connectivity to the earth, and have for many years.

                 Many Hollywood movies depict Wiccans as broom-flying, green-faced witches who delight in turning innocent bystanders into toads. This is a common misconception of Wiccans. Wiccans don’t use black magic or animal sacrifices—in fact, many young Wiccans today do exactly the opposite. They care about the environment, and protect what they believe is sacred. They take great pride in learning about the significance of herbs, the power of crystals, and many other natural things on the earth.

                 Many religious ceremonies are used in Wicca at different times of the year. Typically, the group assembles in a purified "magic circle". To cast this, it may involve having to call on the guardians of the cardinal points: East, or the Air Guardian; South, the Fire Guardian; West, the Water Guardian; and North, the Earth Guardian. These are the classical elements of Wicca, and their view of the world. Every living being has at least one of the four elements in them. Even some have a fifth called a Spirit, otherwise known as aether or aksha. Once the magic circle is cast, a ritual may be performed, prayers made, or spells cast.

                 Wicca is a very interesting religion. It’s extremely different than many other religions, because it has more than one god. Its Pagan roots very much tie into the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Many Pagans were thought to be witches because of their knowledge of medicine and of the earth. Now, we know much better and know that Wicca is just another religion, and should be respected by all.



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