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A Guide to Using Innovation's Wiki


What is a Wiki?

Wikis are fantastic tools to allow for collaborative writing. Every visitor to a wiki can edit any page on the wiki.

Editing is done in a very simple text language that is much easier to learn and read than HTML.


Ground Rules for Innovation Students


1. Be Safe

  • Always log in and log out appropriately, using your assigned password, code name, and email address.
  • Whenever you post, write your code name in parentheses next to your addition. DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME.
  • Check to make sure that any link that you share is from a trusted source.  If you have any doubt, ask an adult.
  • Your teachers will be monitoring the wiki regularly, but you can help by letting them know if you see something inappropriate.


2. Be Polite

  • Do not erase someone else's work.  You may, however, make a comment giving constructive criticism.
  • Give positive reviews when you are able!


3. Be Thoughtful

  • Double check before you post -- both content and mechanics.
  • Only post something that is relevant to the topics we are studying.



Tips for Wiki Use


* Practice:  You can play around in the SandBox to get used to editing your wiki.


* Read Up: you can also check out WikiStyle to learn more about wiki style rules.





Still Have Questions?  Email Ms. Krakauer at skrakauer@innovationcharter.org.

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